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GreenStar water & electricity
consumption monitor

The Aquamonitor GreenStar monitor provides real time,
easy to understand monitoring of water and electricity
consumption and costs.

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See everything at a glance

Consumption is displayed over a 24-hour period as a bar graph for each hour of the day. This allows you to visualise consumption patterns and easily identify overusage. No complicated apps ,the device is neat, robust and easy to use.

Get real time monitoring

Eliminate the waiting time between consumption and receiving bills. Real time monitoring allows you to compare your actual daily consumption with municipal statements.

Set limits, get alerts

Amps Alarm
Monitor peak energy usage with an amp alarm.
Daily Limit
Set your own daily limits and get notified if you go over them.
Time Alarm
Be alerted to prolonged water usage, such as excessive shower times.
Leak Alarm
Checking for leaks could not be easier! An alert is raised if there is a continuous minimum consumption over a longer period of time.

Access historical data

Historical Data is stored and easy to download, allowing you to analyse consumption over weeks, months or even years.


Can be mounted anywhere in your home or building and uses wireless communication to the sensors so no wiring is required.

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How does it work?

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  • After a week or so, Aquamonitor is tracking the municipal water meter litres exactly.So the wireless connection is not dropping any pulses.That's quite impressive...One can expect this integrity with a wired connection. So Aquamonitor have done their homework with the wireless technology.

    I find it very useful to have the ergonomic display in my home to see exactly what is going on.

    Well done Aquamonitor.Every home should have something like this to be know where and when to modify water usage. Massive savings every month.

    It is very useful to have the csv downloads of historical usage.The next time I get a R27k bill due to their faulty meter, I have real data to show them

    John Wilkinson

    Vredehoek, Cape Town

  • The water meter works perfectly. It does all that was expected. Is accurate and very useful.

    We have saved 1000’s of litres per month being aware our real time and hourly usage.

    The wireless range is impressive. I moved the unit to my office, which is about 40 metres from the metre and separated by lots of walls. No problem with reception.

    I have recommended this to many of my clients.

    Duncan Nel

    Edgemead, Cape Town

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